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Glenn Meade, composer, creates music that covers a wide spectrum of styles. From rock/folk/blues songs to oratorio, symphonic to opera, chamber ensemble to solo piano, the music spans many genres. Most of his music combines live vocalists or instruments with electronic orchestrations. Recent releases include “The Prism Sessions,” a 5 CD set of music for guitar and electronic orchestra, and “The Lost Coast” for cello, piano, bass, and two guitars. Coming in early 2024 are the 3 CDs comprising “The Northern Lights Sessions” for choir and electronic orchestra.

In the music archive you will find the albums “Kicking Stones,” “Run Before the Wind,” and “Harmonic Convergence” for Octet + 1 (Piano, String Quartet, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, and Synthesizer). “Dreams in Color,” “Wildfire,”  “Whispering Edge of Coolness,” and"Where the Land Meets the Sea" are for electronic orchestra. "Hoofin’ It," with swing, blues and other dance tunes, and “Open Road,” "Strider/To the 9's," and “Wind at Sea Meadow” for solo jazz piano. “As the Sea Dances” is for string quartet. “Quantum Dances," "Galactica/Phantasmagoria," and "The Elements/Organ Sonata/The Driftless Region" are pure electronica, while “Gloria” is a new setting of the classic text with choir and electronic orchestra. “Perils of the Great Ulysses” combines a live string quartet with electronic instruments in a musical retelling of the Odyssey, while “Patmos” is a 2-CD collection of rock/folk/blues tunes based on the Book of Revelation.

Listen to and enjoy any of the music on this website or you can stream or purchase through your favorite music services. Thanks and enjoy,

Glenn Meade