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Glenn Meade, composer and sound designer, has been writing contemporary orchestral, chamber, vocal, and musical-dramatic works since 1975. He received his musical education at both the Peabody and American Conservatories of Music, and has had numerous works performed by professional ensembles. Introduced to MIDI control of synthesizers and audio processors in 1986, he became quickly proficient at using the technology to produce dynamic and complex works for a "synthesizer orchestra." While continuing to write new works for both acoustic and electronic media, he has been designing sound for film, video, and theatrical productions, and teaching electronic composition. In his Synthestra Music Studio, he has recorded, edited, and mastered his own CD's as well as those for other professional ensembles.

Using his electronic orchestra as a sound canvas, Glenn Meade composes "maximalist" music: complex and dynamic works for a large synthesizer orchestra. Utilizing more than 40 different synthesizers, samplers, and audio processors, he creates beautiful timbres and powerful musical statements. A master of electronic instruments, Glenn achieves sounds that reflect all the breadth and nuance of a skilled virtuoso. They are then fused together in compositions that are symphonic in scope, with strong melodies, chromatic textures, and energetic percussion. Complex and engaging, the compositions vary dramatically -- from those with blistering speed and intensity to those with slow grandeur and haunting melodies.

In 2017, a massive wildfire swept through Sonoma County in Northern California destroying his house including the music studio, Steinway Piano and guitars, and all the synthesizers and computers. Relocating in 2018 to Sea Ranch to establish a new music studio and home and finding added inspiration from the wilderness along the California coastline. Currently working on a project consisting of 50 songs with all new lyrics and music using a computer based platform with Digital Performer and multiple samplers and software synthesizers. Live voices will be recorded to the orchestrations and released online starting in 2019.


SM1001 "The Elements/Organ Sonata/The Driftless Region" Two Electronic Symphonies and an Organ Sonata

SM1002 "Galactica/Phantasmagoria" Two Electronic Symphonies

SM1003 "Quantum Dances" An Electronic Suite

SM1004 "Gloria, for Choir and Orchestra" A Mass for Choir and Electronic Orchestra

SM1005 "Open Road, Suite for Jazz Piano" Stuart Leitch, Piano

SM1006 "Patmos, John's Vision of the Apocalypse" Songs of the Book of Revelation

SM1007 "Perils of the Great Ulysses" Suite for String Quartet and Electronic Orchestra

SM1008 "Strider/To the 9's" Two Suites for Piano, Stuart Leitch, Piano

SM1009 "Hoofin' It" Songs for Dancing Volume 1 (Latin) and Volume 2 (Smooth/Rhythm)


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