Quantum Dances, Music for Synthesizer Orchestra, by Glenn Meade, is a collection of eleven intense compositions performed on an orchestra of electronic instruments. Not for background ambience, this is maximalist music that requires serious listening. Complex, energetic, and powerful, some of the dances employ frequently shifting tempos and rhythms. Others use languorous melodies over slowly evolving harmonies and timbres.




Gloria, for Choir and Orchestra by Glenn Meade, gives a cutting-edge expression to a familiar text. A work of exquisite beauty and power, this 50-minute setting of the second portion of the Great Mass interprets the words with totally new melodies and rhythms. Beginning with a hush, it builds through each section culminating in the glorious "Amen." The superb vocalists, accompanied by an array of electronic instruments, perform a vibrant new musical realization of the sacred text.

Open Road CD


Open Road, Suite for Jazz Piano by Glenn Meade, is a collection of pieces that captures the essence of driving the open highway. A mix of modern classical precision with the harmonies and rhythm of jazz, the music varies from the lyrical "Sunday Driver" to the intense, angular "Rush Hour." Pianist Stuart Leitch brings the music to life in a sparkling performance on a Baldwin Grand.

Patmos CD


Patmos, John's Vision of the Apocalypse by Glenn Meade, is a 2 CD collection of songs based on the Book of Revelation. Combining the stunning vocals of Chicago a cappella with the electronic orchestrations of Glenn Meade, the music brings to life the extravagant visual imagery of the final book of the Bible. To reflect the many fantastical characters and scenes appearing in John's visions, the music is a mix of many styles, including rock, blues, folk, and gospel.

Ulysses CD


Perils of the Great Ulysses, for string quartet and electronic orchestra by Glenn Meade, is a musical retelling of the ancient Homeric poem "The Odyssey." Tweve movements take the listener along as the hero Ulysses struggles to reach home after the Trojan War. From the depth of Hades to the peaceful bliss of Calypso's island; from the magical songs of the sirens to the treacherous path between Scylla and Charybdis, the music is played by the Revolution Ensemble String Quartet and an electronic orchestra with lyricism, power and precision to bring the epic tale to life.

Two Suites CD


The Two Suites for Piano "Strider" and "To the Nines" combine a total of twelve pieces for solo piano that reflect the jazz/blues/rock tinged classical stylings of Glenn Meade's compositions. Performed and recorded at the Synthestra Music studio on a Steinway grand, pianist Stuart Leitch fully realizes the frequent shifts in rhythm, tempo and mood that inhabit the music. At times funky and furious, the pieces will definitely keep you moving.

Hoofin' It CD


Hoofin' It Volume 1 by Glenn Meade is a collection of 12 tunes loosely associated with the "latin/rhythm" part of ballroom dancing. Comprised of salsa, tango, samba, merengue, cha-cha, and rumba rhythms, the songs are ready for dancing. Featuring various vocal artists backed up with instrumentals by Glenn Meade, this is music you definitely cannot sit still to. In contrast, Hoofin' It Volume 2 contains twelve tunes representing the "smooth/rhythm" styles: foxtrot, waltz, Viennese waltz, East and West Coast swing, and hustle. Again, featuring various vocal artists, this is music ready-made for dance.

Galactica/Phantasmagoria CD


"Galactica" and "Phantasmagoria" are two symphonies for electronic orchestra performed on an array of synthesizers, samplers, and percussion modules. With four movements each, they are at times hauntingly beautiful, aggressive, percussive, and harmonically dense. Put on your spacesuit and travel the cosmos with "Galactica," or exit your body and enter the nether regions with "Phantasmagoria."

Elements CD


"The Elements" and "The Driftless Area" are two symphonies for electronic orchestra. Composed by Glenn Meade, and performed on an array of synthesizers, samplers, and percussion modules, each symphony consists of four movements, and they are at times hauntingly beautiful or aggressive, percussive, and harmonically dense. Take a walk through a Midwestern landscape with "The Driftless Region," or experience musically what the ancients thought were the building blocks of the world with "The Elements." A short "Organ Sonata" is included as a bonus.

Words Never Said CD


"Words Never Said" is a 1970's era folk music LP transferred to CD. The songs are all either original compositions or new arrangements of older folk songs. The trio, consisting of Mark Blankner, Lynne Hulse, and Glenn Meade, perform songs with pleasing vocal harmonies and intricate acoustic guitar work. The original LP is now considered a rare collectors item and has sold on auction sites for over $1000. 

UPDATE: This album was RE-RELEASED on vinyl in 2017 by FEDERAL GREEN RECORDS and is available https://federalgreenrecords.com/products/vos-cantu-monemus-words-never-said





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